International Affiliate Testimonials 
"Do it Best Corp. is not a vendor. They are really a partner. Sometimes we do feel like it's family. They are very concerned about your business. They are concerned to see you succeed."
Abby and Ken Adams
Building Materials Do it Center®
Turks and Caicos
"The advantages of ordering through Do it Best Corp. warehouses are numerous. We quickly realized that by utilizing warehouse purchasing we were able to reduce our own inventory by 60%. It has also made it easier to add new items to the store. Instead of having to order a pallet we can order from the 70,000 products in quantities of one or two."
Abe Steinbok
Do it Best® Home Centre
"The Do it Best store design was very important for our local market in Honduras. While people were accustomed to counter sales, Do it Best Corp. really helped us design for do it yourself retailing. Although this concept has been used for many years in the United States, in Honduras it is relatively new."

Ernesto Bendeck

Indufesa Do it Center®
"Do it Best Corp. product selection, great prices and store design program have helped us increase sales by 30% in the last 2 years."
Cencio Tan Vy

Benson Do it Best®
Maite, Guam
"Over the past 11 years, Do it Best Corp. has helped our hardware sales expand.  They helped us with store design, point of sale systems, and a tremendous selection of products that has enabled us to provide better variety to the consumers in Palau"  

Surangel Whipps Jr.
Mason’s Hardware Do it center®  
Koror, Palau