Frequently Asked Questions 


Does the international department offer bilingual support?

Yes, the international department is staffed with bilingual (Spanish & English) personnel who are happy to assist you.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about Do it Best Corp.?
Please contact our international development coordinator at 260-748-7142 or, and she will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

How much does it cost to have products from the Do it Best Corp. distribution centers delivered to my freight forwarder?
All shipments from the Do it Best Corp. retail service centers are delivered freight free to the forwarder of your choice.

What is the difference between Do it Best Corp. and the other hardware co-ops?
At Do it Best Corp., we remain dedicated to offering the products and services that will help your business grow. While other associations put strict requirements on the participation in programs, advertising, and design plans—Do it Best Corp. does not. Do it Best Corp. offers all of these services, but makes them customizable to your needs and does not mandate them to our affiliates. It is our belief that we have to make our programs attractive enough for affiliates to use them, rather than forcing stores to use unsuccessful programs. Every day we strive to meet affiliates’ expectations of quality customer service as expressed in our philosophy: “Serving others as we would like to be served.” With a bilingual international department and a dedicated international staff, we are waiting to serve your needs.

Does Do it Best Corp. carry long term debt?
We are proud of the fact that Do it Best Corp. carries no long term debt. We will not gamble with the investment that our members have made in building our cooperative.

How do I become an international affiliate of Do it Best Corp.?
The first step is to fill out the prospect questionnaire found on our website under “Affiliate Questionnaire.” A member of the Do it Best Corp. international department will contact you within 24 hours to gather additional information, answer your questions, and discuss beginning the formal application process. The formal application process can last one to two months as each member of the Do it Best Corp. executive staff reviews your application for approval.

Does Do it Best Corp. offer private label products?
Yes, in addition to all the major national brands, Do it Best Corp. offers products labeled under the Do it® and Do it Best® brands. These products allow you to avoid direct price comparisons with your competition.

How long has Do it Best Corp. provided co-op purchasing services?
Do it Best Corp. has been providing co-op services to members since its inception in 1945.

Can I buy from the cooperative without being an affiliate?
No.  Do it Best Corp. serves only dedicated affiliates of the cooperative. In order to take advantage of our prices, you must be an approved affiliate.

How do I secure a credit line for my purchases through Do it Best Corp.?
International Affiliates have two options for securing a credit line through Do it Best Corp. They may submit a letter of credit which is confirmed by a US bank , or they may use their current financial statements to apply for credit insurance.

Are there any special purchasing opportunities direct from vendors who work with Do it Best Corp.?
Yes! In addition to the negotiated drop ship programs that we maintain with 7,000 manufacturers, Do it Best Corp. has two purchasing markets each year in May and October. Over $100 million in purchases are made by members in just four days at each of these buying markets. These Do it Best markets are held at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, and are ideal opportunities for prospective affiliates to learn more about the cooperative.

Does Do it Best Corp. offer a store design service?
Yes, Do it Best Corp. offers many store design and layout services to help you with many projects: 
    • Design an exterior plan for your store
    • Design a store floor plan
    • Design interior signage for your store
    • Design merchandise plans for the product placement in your store
    • Make suggestions of product lines to include in your store

How many items does Do it Best Corp. source out of its distribution centers?
Do it Best Corp. sources 67,000 different products at each of its eight retail service centers throughout the United States.

What products does Do it Best Corp. source for its cooperative affiliates?
Do it Best Corp. sources full product lines in hardware, building materials and lumber.

What makes Do it Best Corp. my best choice for a U.S.-based hardware and building materials distributor?
Do it Best Corp. is not a vendor; it is a partner for successful retail businesses. Do it Best Corp. does not just sell items; we sell a successful retail system to improve your profits and take your business to the next level. That system includes a full line of national brand and Do it Best private label home improvement products, merchandising and store design assistance, and $5 billion in purchasing power to acquire your inventory for the best possible prices. It is a system that has been proven time and again in thousands of US businesses and in more than 450 international stores in 52 countries around the world.