International Benefits
There are many benefits to being an international affiliate of Do it Best Corp. Take a look below at the many ways that our company can help you become an even more successful retailer. If you have any questions regarding international affiliation, please contact us at 260.748.7142 or by e-mail at 
Low up-front pricing
Our low up-front pricing is a key building block to our international affiliates’ success. We have more than 100 merchandise team members in our hardware, lumber, and building material departments working to ensure our members continue to enjoy the lowest up-front pricing available. Joining Do it Best Corp. means joining a buying group with more than $5 billion in buying power, assuring you the competitive pricing you deserve.
Do it Best Corp. also offers many other buying advantages. We offer a 2% cash discount on every warehouse invoice. This is money that goes straight to your bottom line every week. Our international members also enjoy a significant advantage on drop ship purchases. We have negotiated zero-adders with thousands of US and international vendors. And we pass on all vendor discounts and extended terms offered by vendors to our affiliates.
Our large assortment of private label and global sourced merchandise is exclusive to your store and delivers strong margins while offering the quality your customers expect. Our exclusive Channellock partnership offers your store products with a nationally renowned name that no other store has access to.
We deliver many buying opportunities that offer great margins for your store. Our spring and fall markets offer the best deals of the year. During our Friday Night Sneak Peek® at each market, selected vendors offer their best specials on high-margin products designed to drive traffic to your store. Our promotional pricing is available on all products to members who participate in our flexible advertising program. 
International Service Benefits
Customized, international approach
We offer you a menu of solutions and services that are flexible, customizable, and scalable to fit your exact needs. You get to decide what programs would help your store grow and how to use them in your country. Your store is unique, and we want to help you build your unique brand in your unique market. Since your store has unique products, services, and customers, we believe that you are in the best position to determine how you promote your store. Our fully customizable advertising programs are developed to help you highlight your strengths and showcase your store as the premier retailer in your market.
Accessibility of staff
When we talk about our philosophy, serving others as we would like to be served, you’ll find that it extends to everything we do down to how we answer the telephones. Employees at Do it Best Corp. have direct-dial extensions, and when we’re at our desks, we pick up our own phones. We know you have a store to manage, so we respond as quickly as possible. And while we do have tasks that sometimes take us away from our desks, you can be assured that when you leave a message, we’ll get back to you.
Consultant vs. salespeople
As an international affiliate of Do it Best Corp., you will work with Territory Manager (TM) who will be your primary contact and business partner. You will also work with our International Implementation Specialist (IIS) as you begin your relationship with Do it Best Corp. Their exclusive goal is to help you grow your business. While we will make suggestions and recommendations, we understand that the final decision is always yours because you are in the best position to know what is right for your store.
Your TM and IIS will call on other experts that are there to help your business grow in specific ways. Experts include RetailPLUS!® managers for comprehensive store improvement projects, your retail paint development manager to help build a complete and profitable paint department, and store designers to make your store stand out above the competition.
Product offering
We know that a complete product assortment is essential to your business. At Do it Best Corp., we have the most complete product offering of hardware and home improvement items in the industry!
Our eight retail service centers stock more than 67,000 items which you can order on your weekly truck. We stock products in 26 departments:
Building Materials
Cleaning Supplies
Clothing & Apparel
Doors & Windows
Farm & Ranch
Food & Snacks
Hand Tools
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
Holiday Decorations & Supplies
Lawn & Garden
Office Supplies
Outdoor Living
Paint & Painting Supplies
Pet Supplies
Plumbing Supplies
Power Tools & Accessories
Sporting Goods
Storage & Organization
Store Supplies
Toys & Games
Drop ship Ordering
In addition to our warehouse assortment, we have negotiated drop shipment agreements with thousands of vendors. These programs still offer excellent vendor discounts and dating.
Global Sourcing
Do it Best Corp. has two international​ buying offices in China that help to manufacture low-cost, private label product for our international members.  All our globally sourced products offer a 100% quality guarantee.
Lumber, Building Materials, and Home Décor
We offer lumber and building material products and services to help lumberyards and home centers grow. Our account executives have regular contact with mills and other suppliers ensuring our members receive quality products and on-time delivery at the best prices.
Many of our international members have found tremendous success with our home decor program. Floor covering, kitchen and bath, and home décor offer a tremendous growth and profit opportunity for international members. We have developed a comprehensive program to help you succeed in this important category. We negotiated programs with more than 40 suppliers in these important product categories and also offer customized sales displays and training that will take your showroom to the next level.
The Do it Best Quality Paints™ program offers the most comprehensive paint program in the industry. Our paint selection, along with your area retail paint development manager, will make your paint department stand out above the competition.
Our private label paint is available in three price points and is manufactured by Sherwin Williams, the largest US paint manufacturer. Our partnership with Sherwin Williams assures that you are receiving the best technical expertise, research and development, quality control, and marketing support in the paint industry. Our partnership is so strong that we are the only private label paint that is allowed to put “Manufactured by Sherwin Williams” right on the paint can label.  
Freight forwarder delivery
Our International team will work with you and your freight forwarder to understand the export process. We have a lot of experience with members around the world and look forward to helping you make the process of receiving the product you order as simple and effective as possible. 
Fill rate
We want you spending your time serving your customers, not worrying about inventory. At Do it Best Corp. we are committed to, and consistently achieve, an exceptionally high fill rate. Our fill rate helps you get your customers the products they need and keep those sales from going elsewhere. With our high fill rate and order-filling accuracy rate, nobody does it better than Do it Best Corp.
International Program Benefits
International Conversion
As a new Do it Best Corp. international affiliate, you will go through an initial conversion process. This process is 100% customizable and helps to identify from the very beginning the best ways Do it Best Corp. can help your business become even more successful. Our International Conversion Specialist will visit with you on-site and work with you to identify ways that Do it Best Corp. can help your business grow. We will develop a conversion action plan that will guide you through this process and help to maximize your affiliation with Do it Best Corp. 
Store design
The Do it Best Signature™ Store Design Program offers a flexible approach so you can tailor your design to fit your market and location. Our program helps you build your local brand and since every store is different, we offer three different programs to fit your needs.
Fully Branded
Fachada Indufesa Do it Center Pedregal.jpg Indufesa Do it Center®​
 Comayaguela, Honduras

If you are looking for a proven fast track to branding, the Fully Branded Do it Center® will be the right choice. Continuing the use of the eye catching warm red as the anchor color, the Do it Center will capitalize on the successful brand equity it has earned over the past 25 years.
Allied Home Center
San Fernando,  Trinidad

If you have established brand equity in your name and want to promote it along with Do it Best®, the Co-Branded format is a perfect fit. This program also provides some flexibility in design, giving members the option to use their own brand color.
Member Branded
 Guam Home Center.jpg
Guam Home Center
Dededo, Guam 

If you have built tremendous equity around your own brand and you also want to promote your affiliation with Do it Best®, you will want to consider the Member Branded pathway. This pathway offers a custom design with your brand and logo the main feature.
Our advertising program is 100% customizable to meet our international members' needs. Together we can create high-quality advertisements with YOUR language, YOUR currency, and YOUR unique brand image. The international team as well as our advertising service representatives will help you come up with a design that reflects your business and will have the greatest impact with your customers.
We offer a variety of advertising tools to help you communicate your products, services, and brand to your customers:
  • Flyers and circulars
  • Home Decor Catalog
  • Outdoor Living Catalog
  • Holiday gift catalogs
  • And much more
Training & support
New member orientation
At our new member training program, CORE® (College of Retail Education), you'll get a hands-on overview of each Do it Best Corp. program and how it can benefit your store. From building your own advertising program to viewing your invoices online, you'll gain an inside view of all the retail tools we offer from the people who manage those programs.
CORE is also about getting to know the Do it Best Corp. family and philosophy. You'll enjoy time spent with other members and Do it Best Corp. staff, including a dinner hosted by President and CEO Dan Starr.
Market educational seminars
Every Friday at the spring and fall markets is Education Day. Do it Best Corp. presents free seminars offering proven methods to help your business grow. More than 40 learning opportunities are available at each Do it Best market.
With topics ranging from business management and increasing sales to technology and product knowledge, you’ll always find great opportunities to improve the efficiency of your business and increase the knowledge of your staff.
Buying opportunities
Do it Best Corp. offers many special buying opportunities throughout the year. Our programs help with your merchandising projects and promotional campaigns every month of the year.
Weekly order
With weekly delivery on more than 67,000 available items, our weekly truck will deliver directly to your freight forwarder. With the same delivery day and time each week, you will be able to accurately calculate your specific lead time on items from Do it Best.
Drop ship
We have programs with thousands of vendors for great opportunities on drop ship merchandise. We pass on all vendor discounts to our international affiliates.
Spring and fall markets
Friday Night Sneak Peek®
The Do it Best® markets are held every May and October in Indianapolis. You’ll find more than 1,000 vendors offering the best pricing and dating opportunities, plus you’ll discover new and exciting products.
During our Friday Night Sneak Peek, selected vendors offer their best deals of the year on high-margin products designed to drive traffic to your store. Best of all, you can view these specials online before you ever step foot onto the market floor.
Category Solutions
The Category Solutions program helps members update their assortments so they have a complete offering for their customers. You’ll get great savings while bringing in the planograms that fit your market.
Monthly Specials
Our Monthly Special program delivers five special programs each month, allowing you to offer the best selling products at low prices to build store traffic and grow sales!
Our promotional products offer great values and drive customers into your store. Do it Best Corp. members can set up their annual promotional programs to take advantage of special pricing year round. 
Inventory Refill
The Inventory Refill program offers the opportunity to expand, add new seasonal items, and replenish your current inventory, You’ll receive generous dating terms, staggered delivery, and our regular 2% cash discount.
Do it Best Corp. helps you become a key supplier to your local commercial/industrial customers with our INCOM Distributor Supply program. Several international members around the world have been able to increase top line sales for their businesses by capturing business with industrial and commercial customers. 
Our InCom® staff provides product and bid assistance as well as a number of other services:
  • Ongoing training
  • Comprehensive product catalogs – product mix to meet your customers needs
  • Niche catalogs – special product categories to target specific customers
  • Line cards – quick glimpse at all major vendors
  • Market analysis – report listing of all C/I customers in your market
  • Flexible e-commerce web site – ability to assign each customer a unique login and offer customized pricing
If you serve the commercial/industrial market without a retail storefront, our True Industrial Commercial program offers options tailored to your specific needs.
Community involvement
Cause-related branding can be an effective way to enhance your store image and increase customer loyalty while helping a favorite charity or cause.
Do it Best Corp. designated Habitat for Humanity as its cause of choice. Habitat and Do it Best Corp. share many similarities:
  • They serve communities, both large and small, all around the world.
  • Their 2,000+ affiliates are very independent and focus their needs on their local communities.
We offer a free guide containing all the information you need to get started serving your community through Habitat for Humanity.
Point of sale systems
Do it Best Corp. communicates computer to computer with a variety of point of sale (POS) systems. You are in the best position to decide what system works best for your store so we don’t require you to install any specific system.
If you’re looking to purchase a new system, we can help you find the best option you’re your store:
  • Guidance in determining your requirements
  • Checklists for hardware and software requirements
  • Questions to ask POS software vendors
  • Guidance in comparing vendor quotes and system functionality