Do it Best Corp. is a member-owned hardware and building material distributor offering hardware stores, home centers, and commercial/industrial suppliers a huge selection of hardware and building material products. Today, Do it Best Corp. serves thousands of affiliated stores in the United States and 52 other countries. With a wholesale sales volume of $3 billion, we provide our affiliated stores with the buying power and services they need to remain competitive in the hardware and building materials industry. Our International department is staffed, experienced, and eager to expand market share and looks forward to working with you toward a mutually beneficial relationship.
Our company currently operates eight distribution centers in the United States, each of which stock more than 67,000 items. With this wide variety of products available through Do it Best Corp., you can consolidate the majority of your purchases under one single supplier. Merchandise can be shipped on a weekly basis to a freight forwarder of your choice.
As a Do it Best Corp. member, you also have access to more than 7,000 manufacturers through our drop ship purchasing programs. Drop shipments offer you an opportunity to buy directly from American manufacturers while taking advantage of the lower prices, smaller minimum orders, and programs that Do it Best Corp. has negotiated with these suppliers. Under the drop shipment program, merchandise ships directly from the manufacturer to you, but the invoicing is done through Do it Best Corp., allowing you to work with multiple American manufacturers and, at the same time, consolidating your line of credit in payments to one single supplier. In either event, Do it Best Corp. gives you great flexibility in purchasing from our distribution center or through our drop shipment program.
Do it Best Corp. also offers to you a wide variety of marketing and retail support programs to help you generate increases in both sales and profits. Many international members have taken advantages of our retail store design concepts marketed as "Do it center®" or "Do it Best®." We also offer quality advertising programs, retail computer systems, and employee training.
Each October and May, Do it Best Corp. hosts huge buying markets for our members in Indianapolis, Indiana. At these four-day events, more than 1,800 manufacturers are represented and over $100 million of products are sold to our members. There is no better way to learn about Do it Best Corp. than to attend one of our buying markets. Please contact us as quickly as possible should you like to attend.
Do it Best Corp. welcomes aggressive international hardware and building material retailers that will generate annual purchases of $350,000 in combined distribution center and drop ship purchases. Click here to complete a brief questionnaire that will help us better evaluate your business and how Do it Best Corp. may be able to help you grow. You may also learn more about Do it Best Corp. by visiting the About Do it Best Corp. section on our homepage.
If you have any questions, please feel to contact us at  International@doitbest.com or 260.748.7142. Thank you again for your interest in Do it Best Corp.